Tips on connecting to the WiFi without any password

Are you one of the disappointed WiFi user that cannot connect to many WiFi around you? In some countries, it is not easy to connect to the internet. It is because sometimes internet provider cannot give a connection as it is already full. Then, what would you do if you want and need to connect but you do not have any password of the WiFi or your neighbor? You are so shy to ask from them of they did not give it to you even if you asked.

Your choice is to go to internet shop and do your thing. But sometimes it will cost much or it is not reliable anytime. Then what can you do to connect to a WiFi? Their are many tips online. One is that you turn on your WiFi and detect the internet name. After it, you just need to press the WPS button in the router and you can already connect to it. It is easy but the problem is you have to have an access in the router. Most of the times you cannot have access then what more can you do?

You can use a Bluetooth to hack the password and connect. If not then you also can download an application that would allow you to hack in the internet and detect its password, hop over to here . You can now have internet visibility. Enjoy the connection.