The leap from portable phones to smart phones

The phones that were first created looks funny when we see them today. It is like when the first computer was developed. It is very big in size physically but data that can be stored is not that big. It cannot be carried and transferred immediately. Now we can have laptops and netbooks we can carry around. Same with the cell phone. It started as portable ones and many companies have produced or developed it to become wireless. You have to carry them like a radio but thankfully you can received or make a call wherever you are.

If you look at the advertisement companies years ago to promote it, you can laugh. It is very different in our time today. They really advertise how good and what are the capacities of the cellphones and the functions it can do. It has walk on the keypad versions as Nokia produced the very reliable cellphones. They have good battery life and does not damaged easily. It just walk for some time and then take a leap to the touchscreen ones. Try this wonderful decorating company, tips 旭昱設計.  It is incorporated to the other kinds of systems or software to make them function like computers.

iPhone 7 or android phones have now flooded the market. The number of phones exist is more than the number of humans. They have become a collection to someone but still a necessity of someone that also.