Conventional Phones in Communication

Whether you phone is expensive or not, does it matter when you can do the same thing—call and text? People say that they want an advance type of cellphones like smartphones? What is in smartphones? Perhaps, different apps, google features, games? Well those are extra use of cellphones for wider development of humankind in terms of their lifestyle. But let us only focus on the most basic use of cellphone—communication?

What good is communication? Communication is everything! Without communication, society will collapse….

Communication comes in various ways: Verbal communication, Non-verbal communication, Written Communication and Visual Communication, but phone communication should not be despised.

A phone is very useful in the whole world. We can call and text someone anytime we want.

Cellphone as a medium of communication allows us to save time, unlike before, people have to write and send the message in letters. Communication has perfectly improved in this generation.  Imagine the distance between the message receiver and you, but you can sent messages to each other in a minute or even seconds! Cellphones are truly very amazing.. The moment when you are in urgent situation, you can solve it by one click only.

Sometimes, you are very shy to talk to your friends and acquaintances. You can communicate with them with your phones.

With smartphones, you can send pictures with each other so communication gets better.

You can save life through your phone too! You can report a crime you witness through your phones.

Keep secret through your phones. If you do not want others to know what you are doing, use texting to keep secrets.

The utilization of cellphones is all up to you.