Phone Emergence to Lifestyle and Society

No one will disagree that human lifestyle has much improved since the emergence of phones. Phones changed our view towards life and now we have discovered that we have gone too far from the dimness of our past. Now let us review how phones changed the our lifestyle.

What is the most basic use of a phone?

Communication! That’s right! Ever since the world began, people hardly communicate with each other. But now, people around the world can get in touch through phones by calling and texting each other.

How is phone useful to humans?

Nowadays, with the development of the Android phone, people can access internet through their phone that makes it easier for people to be informed with the news around the world and also get knowledge from around the world.

When do you find phones disadvantageous?

Phones are disadvantageous when not used properly. There are many people addicted to games and reading. This is why people got a little bit less focused on the things that have to be prioritize in life. People even now are killed because of cellphones—kids dying because they do not eat due to addiction to games, drivers killing other people due to texting. In addition to that, people are now interrupted from their work, school, meetings due to cellphones.

What is the contribution of phones to the society?

Phones in reality contribute to the economy of all countries around the world. It makes the world a better place to live in. Communication is the most important to mankind’s survival. without cellphones, imagine how the world looks like. Societies and global community has come to be united for survival’s sake!

How does a cellphone changes you as a person?

Well, phones can change a person to be good or bad. Good if you use it wisely and effectively with its functioning good features. Bad if you use the bad functioning features such as gaming.