Looking back at the history of wifi

We know we need WiFi to connect to the internet. Now many people know about the WiFi connection and even children knows how to look for it as many gadgets and computers need them. Many households are now WiFi connected. In some countries the government has their own free WiFi offered to citizens. Then do you know how these were developed that we can use them today as we please? Let us take some time to know about the history of WiFi.

Wifi is first used as a trademark of the WiFi alliance for their trade association with the purpose to promote the use of LAN technologies. People started to use the term WiFi in the year 1999. It was used first as a brand term. WiFi was said to be has its origin in the year 1985. After they have made developments and venture on making a wireless signal rather that using specific frequencies that can go down. They have discovered the use of wireless connection. And this agency for travel might have the best and easy transaction for your via process using great internet connection, original site 泰雅旅遊. Before we only know about physical connection with wires and towers to transmit data through frequencies.

Now we know that their exist the wireless network connection that can carry information and even store information. It can be managed and be used by marketing consultant to do their job easier and effectively like applying your visa from this agency explore here www.chinavisa.com.tw/apply/. Restaurant has something to do with the lifestyle of people.