Global Trends in the Future

Trends are dynamic and global. The world is being reshaped year after year as new trends are introduced. There is trend in fashion, design, food, music, dance, technology and much more. It is foreseen that Asia’s GDP will be greater than that of America and Europe even when combined. China will have the biggest economy. The world’s population will reach eight billion. Urban places will be occupied by bigger percentage of the region’s residents. Rural places will soon be civilized and developed.

Everyone should value education because in the near future, the economic status of individuals and countries will depend on their levels of education. Almost fifty percent of the world’s population will be middle class and life expectancy will reach 70 so older people are greater in number than that of younger aged individuals. Traditional boundaries will continue to blur. People will be more positive in accepting of other cultures and traditions and there could be a lot of changes as two or more cultures will be mixed.

Culture and tradition standard will soon become general throughout the world. In the near future, technology will be increasingly present in people’s lives which include nanotechnologies, information technologies, biotechnologies and others. Thousands of millions of people will be mobile phones users as well as internet users. Conventional phones will greatly increase in power and storage capacity. Internet and mobility will converge at any place and time. You will see television sets having connectivity and accessibility to internet. Will you be able to adapt these global trends?