Cellphone 101: The evolution of cellphone

The cell phone we use today is very different from the ones years ago. It was amazing how a device that was scattered years ago will be developed, modified and upgraded to what it is now. The start of communication through them has also changed as they changed in style, function and also features. They started in humble form but now, they rule our world. It is a fascinating development that we will also see in this article.

It first started by Motorola when they made the first cell phone and made the first call in the year 1973. They did not stop their but developed after some years the Motorola 4500X in the year 1986. In the year 1989 the MicroTAC 9800X was developed. It is smaller than the two previous cellphone. In the year 1992 the Motorola International 3200 was developed with more good features and functions. In 1992, Nokia join the club in manufacturing their own phone with the name Nokia 1011. After two years, IBM produced the IBM Simon that is the first phone to use a software.

In 1996 the Nokia released the Nokia Communicator with a separate screen and keypad. Then the first flip flop phone was released by Motorola in the year 1996. In the same year, Nokia produced the 8110.Smartphones are one of the top in online marketing services since many people are into using of technology today. From that time on additional phone manufacturers joined the industry of digital marketing and many phones emerged, click on blog. From the keypad versions to the touchscreen to many versions in this time are the top in the world of digital marketing services.