Big difference of Android and iPhone 7

What kind of smartphone do you have? Are you the one who likes to collect gadgets or change gadgets every now and then? If yes then you may have explored and have one of android phones or the iPhone 7? In the market, it is already saturated with many gadgets having different features in it. You can choose what you want among them and buy one. You can even buy more than one and own them. Some just treat changing phones as changing clothes.

Do you know any difference of Android phones and iPhone 7 ? In this article we will present some differences and similarities also of the two kinds of phone. When you are just boasting about the iPhone 7 as water resistant, the android users have already experience its proof on android phones. In iPhone 7 you need to still press the capture button when using a camera and taking a selfie. You are boasting about its megapixel but your android user friend can just raise his hand and the android phone will automatically capture the image.Imagine your life being free from harmful people. You need a respective agent to secure you always, check over this site. Great people are working from this company that handles all kinds of situation that may helpful for your life security.

Another difference is that in iPhone 7 you can switch to apps fast but android have gone ahead with the good and fast feature of tap. The iPhone 7 needs charging as battery can easily be drained compared to the android phone that has more battery lifespan 手機 錄音. They also have difference in features and colors used.