A World of Civilization and Development

The world is changing. We can see a lot of changes whether a motivational change or a dreadful change. We cannot imagine that things are like this at this moment of time and we cannot know what is to be a change in the next decade. But what is certain is that the world is now changing faster than at any other time throughout history. What are the things to be anticipated in the next years? Will North Korea be united with South Korea?

How is the world’s population going to be? Aside from the latest technologies that were produced and launched nowadays, what more are awaiting in terms of science and technology? Going back to the old times, powerful nations at this time took long years to double their GDP. Other nations around the world are also in the race of progression and development. We use electricity nowadays efficiently. But how does the world look like before? Darkness has covered the whole world.

In fact, in America, which is one of the most powerful nations, took 50 long years to adopt electricity. Until such time that it was able to adopt TV, radio, mobile phones, cars, and so on. Long time ago, communication is very slow and limited. It is done, most of the time, manually. But as time passed by, the communication reach its speed and it will become faster and faster due to civilization and development. People can no longer hide since they will be monitored and detected easily. There are a lot of changes to be anticipated.