iPhone OS vs. Android System

For several years, Android and apple have been competing in terms of its price, quality, service and the like. Then through this review, let us see the differences of these two. The choosing is all up to your decision.


Android- Android phone is operated by many operating system such us Google, Microsoft and Samsung. This is why there are a lot of modifications of the system and also additional features in every upgrade.

Apple phone or the iOS- This system is operated by Apple only. Apple phones also are making new versions of the phone just as what the Android is doing.


Android- In the past, the Android had been always on top in terms of its sales and it was Samsung that made it achieve its millions of sales and productions.

Apple- Apple too is very popular like that of the Android but Android always got on top. In 2015, Apple suddenly surpassed the sales and productions of the Android having 74. 83 million compared to Samsung Android having 73.3 million.


Android- Android has created greater megapixels. Some Android phones can have a greater focus because of its sensor and this gives a better quality. In terms of its photo management, many say that it is better than the iphone.

Apple- Apple can capture in 4K. There are many film directors that are made that are not present in the Android . phone. In terms of photo management, many are disappointed in it because they are not satisfied with it.


Android- Android has two storage path: Internal and external. It offers an option to you. You can have as much external storage size as you want.

Apple- It has a single storage and that is the internal storage that has more than 16 built in GB.


Android- it is more like a computer that you can drag and save the files. It is more convenient than the Apples’s

Apple- The iphone system is set up so you can not just drag files from someone’s device but rather you yourself have to look for what you want through the internet.


Apple has a more attractive logo than the Android’s. It is very obvious. But Android has more flashy features than that of the Apple.

*Well, the sales determines the winner.